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Frequantly Asked Questions

QWhen I schedule your services, can I expect you at a specific time?

A. No. There is a 60 minute time frame when we can show up. When you choose a time, for example: 9:00am, we will be there between 9:00am and 10:00am. 

Q. Can I get my laundry back the same day?
A. We charge $1 per pound for same day service (29 lb minimum). Laundry MUST be picked up by 10 AM. We do not guarantee same day, unless scheduled the day before.

QDo I have to be home for pick up and delivery?
A. No. It can be left outside.
Pick up: If you are comfortable leaving your laundry outside your home for us to pick up, feel free to do so and either say so in the “special comments” section of your request form or give us a call and tell us where you left it and when you would like it back the next day.   
Delivery: In order for us to leave it at your door for delivery, payment must be made in some form. You can leave cash or check in an envelope in a safe place and let us know where, or we can put the invoice online and it MUST BE PAID ***3*** HOURS BEFORE SCHEDULED DELIVERY.
NOTE: We are not responsible for items left outside.

QDo I have to pay when I give my laundry to you?
A. No. You pay upon delivery.

QHow do I know how much my laundry weighs/cost?
A. We weigh it when it gets on location and can give you a call, email or text with the price, upon request. Please specify your preferred method of contact.
   Note: We do not automatically call you with a price. You must request it.
QWill I get a receipt when you pick up?
A. No. We provide receipts upon delivery.

Q. Can I pay using a credit card?
A. Yes. Indicate that you will pay credit when you schedule your pickup. We will then put a bill online and you will receive an email notifying you it is there. You must then log in and pay ***3*** HOURS BEFORE YOUR DELIVERY TIME  or we reserve the right to reschedule your delivery.
NOTE: In the case of the first morning delivery slot (8-9 am), we recommend you pay prior to 9 pm so that we may guarantee your delivery. If you pay after that, there may not be anyone in the office to verify the payment has been made.

Q. What if I never received notice that my invoice was posted? Will I still get my delivery?
A. You may log in to check for your invoice any time. If you do not see it, please contact us to make sure we haven’t forgotten to put it up. (We are only human and can make mistakes!)  If the invoice is not paid at least ***3*** hours prior to your scheduled delivery time, we can take you off the schedule, charge the $10 missed delivery fee and you will have to contact us to provide an alternate day/time for delivery.

Q. I do not have a Paypal account or do not want to use my PayPal account. Can I still pay with my credit card?
A. Yes. You do not need to log in to PayPal to pay with a credit card. When you click the invoice link, it will take you to a PayPal landing page. Do not log in. Under the section where it asks for login information, there is a small link under the yellow  “Login” button giving the option of paying with a credit or debit card. Choose that link instead.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept?
A.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do NOT accept American Express.

Q. I don’t own a laundry bag. What should I do with my clothes?
A. We pick up laundry in many different containers. The most popular being garbage bags. As long as your laundry is contained and we are able to carry it, we will take it. We will return your laundry in a clear plastic bag or can provide a laundry bag (your clothes will be delivered in it) for $4.00.

QDo you check and empty pockets?
A.  No. We are not responsible for anything left in your pockets. Please check your clothing before giving us the laundry in order to prevent possible damage to your laundry and loss of valuables. We cannot guarantee recovery of any valuables as things can get lost or broken in the machines.

Q. What happens if my laundry has stains?
A.  We are a regular wash and fold service. While we will try our best to remove stains when alerted to them, we do not guarantee stain removal nor are we responsible for any staining  that may result from the normal washing process.

Q. What happens if my laundry comes back to me stained/damaged/shrunk? What if I am missing laundry?
A. You must submit a complaint with 72 hours (3 days) of receiving your laundry in order for us to investigate. We will then make sure to look into it and, if warranted, credit your account. We do not guarantee compensation for complaints submitted after 72 hours. Note that some shrinkage occurs with regular washing and drying, as does some weakening of the fabrics. If this appears to be the case, we will not be responsible for the damages.

We do not check labels for care. Unless you specify how an item must be washed (see our charges for low dry and separate machines), everything will be washed as usual.

QIs it safe for my baby’s clothes?
A. Yes. At your request, we can use unscented and dye-free detergent and softener. (Please see our price list for charges.)

QDo you wash my laundry mixed with anyone else’s?
A. No. Everyone’s laundry is washed and dried separately. We keep everything separated by address.

Q. Can I request to have my laundry treated as two (or more) separate orders?
A.  Yes. But if you want the laundry treated as two separate orders, you will be charged for each order individually. This means, for example, that if each bag does not meet the minimum 29 lbs., you will be charged as if each bag did.

QWhat brand of detergent do you use?
A. We use a generic industrial detergent. It is often used for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. If you prefer a premium detergent, we can provide it for an extra $0.20 per lb. Or you may provide your own at no extra charge.